Social Life

Of course there is a fear and the sense of disintegration
When the prevailing economic and political theory 
Is that every individual is out for their own interests
And your relationship with them will fill the agenda 
Line item to which you have been assigned by this
Highly rational socio-sucking-path

Demonic possession must have moved us to believe
That such a framework would be most best optimal way
That's the tomfoolery of the people who already had a lot
And wanted to make sure that there was no chance
Of ending up with less

And yet, don't call it a conspiracy
For in a way it was a convenient accident
A mechanism to prime the wills of the powerful
And supremely screw over the remainder
Such an equation will be attractive to some
And destructive to many, autonomically

Higher natures may prevail, but only at great expense
To the accounts of the accepting, owning, distant
Masses of advantaged solo souls 
Randian in the extreme, partly in secret
Across every house and party
Whose abundance belies the observable situation
Of so many sufferings

We might re-acquire the social life
If the word We takes on meaning once again
Whether care is a choice or a compulsion
There is no other earth, no other radius around your self
And so you're stuck with these children, this family
And stuck is equivalent to accountable
Get responsible, pay your attention
To integrate a fractured puzzle
In the way you know you can

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