Temporary or permanence, pervaded by innocence
Carried away from horror by an off switch
Delay regaled and pauses prevailed 
But to divide into so many pieces
That none would try to pick it up
Is the best fate the inter could spider for
Webbed by dry flies, sparks could crawl
Across temporal transistors, resisting 
The call to alight, binary snowflakes
Millennial dreams of why two okay
Zero, one, destitution by overwhelm
Straddled by satellite gleams
Overshadowing stars and astronomy dreams
What could be better than the sun inside
Rectangular light, sourcing the narrative fusions
Of every emotion and motion and ocean
Guided by camera hagglers and screed gagglers
Minted too fresh for comfort
Glamorous consumption, tubercular spending
Lung cascades from not enough breathing
Mindsets overweened on the opposite of lucidity
Carried forth on barren rock
Treeless landscapes covered in human faces
Will rise to the expected value
Of every human thought
Crystalized by inaction

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