Indisposed to come together
Velcro feather unity
In the face of dash archy
Sometimes courage comes apart
Maybe art begets dismay
Prayer metaphor besot
Started time on planted clocks
Water gray it doesn't sparkle
Rhyming royal arkish fable
Arches build a frame for doors
Scoring proper poorer health
Familial grist stills heartache
Cryogenic dream of far flung warmth
Lengthy solutions deterred
Shame shambles whir emotes
Creature of blast, past-mind 
Dried flowers say: longer
While petals litter the carpet
Cleanliness, godliness, and the will to back off
Put together abstractions at a distance
Enmeshed in petri, cappy, raci airs
Lungs lunch on the particles
And send them around
To efficiently tell the whole
That while coming apart may be necessary
It will destroy what you are

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