Personal Resistance

A social conscience is all well and good
Pro-science, too, apparently
Act with vism and sign it up
Voters roll in the same mud

To prove that wet sandbox is shared space
Lessons from kindergarten, well met
Well, what then, are there no advanced lessons
Before prior to first grade?

Ridder this: participation and its opposite
Act resistance and stop defining local, locale, localized
Nearby is a homonym for I don't care
While I refuse can't be denied

Find your ohms
Divide voltages and dare to break circuits
Even if they're wired in series
Straight through you

Deny the critical infrastructure
Take you as yourself out of the equation
Mathematically and electrically
Currently, those are the events you might directly influence

Get back to the bottom of the river
To dig for clams and warm up in the sun on the bank
Answering the askers, no, thank you for the generous offer
Would the turtle put on its suit and write another memo?
The dirt is home, the log in the brightness of an open day
Burn a little less gas, guide a smaller tension into the world

Your inattention is gravel in the machine
A gizzard for the ambition burning out, down, and up
You may not have to spray foam on the fires
If you speak softer to suffocate your flame

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