In other words, do less

Pen and ink? Make it a pencil.
Paper? Line the sand.
Foregone? No, forego. 
Baby steps? Infant sleeps.
Nap it off, dework it out.
Sip? Don't pour and you 
Won't poor.
Reprehensible responsibility?
Assertive reframing?
Lighten those loads,
You A-getter, go-goner.
This technocratic government of one
Is oppressing its person. 
Optimization has built the suboptimal process:
Tense up, strain, repeat 
Is written on the shampoo bottle
To defeat hair into dependence. 
Deny these bullshit jobs.
Refuse to answer Uncle Sam, Uncle Babbitt, Uncle Pennybags.
They won't stop calling
But guess who got you that phone.
Relegate, restrict, remove.
Virtue is a destruction cycle,
Power machine,
Pollution guarantee.
Desist, subsist, solipsist. 
Then deconstruct the I-shelf.
Take down the narcissian mirror,
Break it first in half, 
And then into the constituent parts.
Disorganize the coherent.
Incohere the reasonable.
In other words, do less.

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