Sprawl Undid the Order

Boundaries were implicit
Explicit ignorance traveled beyond the edges
Paths emerge from the feet who make them
If wishes made the new ancient
Gauche would be absurd
Obsequious order adheres to itself
Until rules change, rulers derange, rudeness and mange
Fur memories give way to sheds, gray, sludge
Sewage dumps to someone's backyard
While everyone hopes, not mine
Itinerants are trapped when the frontier's enclosed
Lifestyle options fold to the authority within the border
Who's in who's out who challenges, shouts
Loyal hordes or ignominious metaphors, cake eats itself
When the mass exceeds the surface tension
We can't help but fall through
There was no scheme or plan or spiralcy
Normal motions led to undoing
And bandying natural equilibria
Will only give your fellow sufferers 
A headache and a listless nausea
Suburbane advertising rings in happy holidays
Every day, primal sales suck compliance 
Out of smiley face sycophants
Desperate to feel agency costs
Accrue on the balance street
Liable to topple the weary
At any interest fate

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