Possibly pejorative anachronistic metaphor for a day that makes little sense
I mean to discuss the other version of the above:
A town on the south shore of Lake Imperious, Ponderous, Superiorous 
Wave hello to the beach, marina, inlet turned creek
At the bend in the road, coffee, beer, fish
Powerful triumvirates dominate seasonally
Boats, hearty types, contend with tourists and the longer-residing
Out-of-the-way forestry collages with bicycle husbandry
Hunger thirsts for the tiny sips from biting flies, under and overwater
Portraits paint their frames with forked tongue sunsets 
Paving the sky with asphalt diamond mixtures, poured out thick after ten
If you haven't the stomach for mysticism, sit with your nausea
Should your taste for latitude tempt you further, seek island restitution
Return regularly, at the expense of helm hours, to reset your table
With bountiful baskets of northern wonders

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