If I can't even fully inhabit my own sensory perception field
How am I to take a walk in someone or something else's? 
Rabbit fear, bumblebee scent, houseplant humidity, gnat's purpose:
Weak metaphors for a total life experience pulsing with reality
Whose character shoes are the fifty year art of human imagination
We must try, as with the piano and conversation, to listen from the depths
Of beings limited by being, transience, and distraction
It won't be words alone
Though verses and proses attempt the leap
Across the chasm of sentience, feeling, and mass
Lucid dreams across dolphin slumbers
Feel the weight of the ocean above and below
Buoyed on swishes, wishes, fishes
To know the pleasure of gravity fights
Serrated shark edges
And pod harmony on a vast, intimate plume

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