Power of Simultaneous Lens

The zoomed out picture of earth from space
Lends credence to a beyond the solar system
Cosmology: no we are not the center of a human
Universe; and yet, to stay out there is to miss a hundred
Billion other pictures of life closer to home
Whose furrows and brows are cheeky and glass
Shattered by wind and passing out gas
Whose days are by night and sounding aground
Humbly all drifts or stays stuck in the sand
It's a gift to see something once
But a practice to see many things all the time
Side by side by side by side
Picture in picture in frame in video
A scouring of memory, fused with the present
Heard, smelled, gathered to one view 
So many eyes, each acting like an extra ear
Stitching together everything
To release one from fear

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