Fast Quest, Ionic Mist

Vague science fiction language
Insinuate insectoid claimants
With legalistic authority

Title! Tort! Dessert wagon!
Bind the find to a rind
Desert semicolon won't drink water
To spite its small intestine

Body images swerve to disturb
The unbalanced eye
Who has not taken the time
To look inside

X-ray lifeway
Radiated, irresolute
Marginal fractional quantum nonsense
Wishes can't make physics so
Only quarter life criteria
Specified to avoid irises
As flowering linguists
Won't parse the mysterious universe

Solar systemic inequality
Light to nearby planets
While plutonium decays
Under our forty nine percent lives

Improperly grammarian: number cheery
Spraying electrons via presencescope
That's the work of existing
It's not a slog
It's breathing
It's immune action at a distance
Conscious spooks doing operational clandestine adjective missions

Long lines at the cloudbank
Run! Your money's running too!
Keep up or go down singing
The music stops at the end times
As the millenarians predicted 
In their screedy weedbranches
Burrs Aaroning from ten paces
A victory not for small government
But for the novel notion of eclectic emotion

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