sensemaking, too tight

shoelaces constrain feet by a mile
five thousand 
two hundred
eighty odd toes
put together in too many beard-hairs
different from the other ones 
more insidious
like a bucket of rice to water
scattering the sink's order
with every spare follicle
mourn the piano, twenty years 
can't start until the proper numeral
utters a chord from the gutter
of a city that loves passive voice
and desperate inaction
municipal gridclock:
no time like the box
found to be wanting
desiring the foxfields to curl up
and eat a jelly doughnut about the
Izzy Berliner, hedgehog, remember?
thus, each mind must fit a single word,
of course, the Occam's razor burn
simple is as monster does
and such rapaciousness
will be met with the silence
that the universe can only muster
for screams in voided space

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