loosen my mind

syntax; lists; icicle tongues:
spiritation in so many molecules
bludgeoned against a wall loath to be repaired
lengthen! strengthen! Schengen!
Europa's mother pearl oyster wisdom
is the aphrodisiac for the moment
minute merson, don't say when in ten
or down in crowns. silver dot, don't 
ask when it started or who will find
the thread's final fraying emotion
for causes thus effect disaffectation
aloof to the roof, where the window opens out
to the sky on top of the town's forest
canopy mind, isolate the upward trajectories
and go faster to see the outcomes incomes
the forces never asked for, over the dramatic hill
there was someone, a figure, a mirage in payment
for a momentary attentive accident: geared low
sweet charioteer, your bladed wheels are hopefully
not honest to history, and may more tears be shed
for that single horse than every maker of war
may have spilled wine

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