Nerd Carrots

Visual aid to soil: photosynthetic erudition
Extemporaneous-only delivery mechanisms 
For the messages you didn't want to hear

Overdone by the reading-too-much mind
That couldn't get something done to save its
Consciousness or get out of the rock-hard-
Place mat: wipe your feet and say a grayer 
Way is the true yin-yang pragmatism

Healthy orange, but without that artificial 
Glow-worm hook-set for demagoguery 
That has been popular among the 
Evil poker playing community

Have you heard of an oligarchy? 
It's called democracy by bank account,
Because everyone voted with their 
Wallets and you took them all

Said in a sentence: One Hundred Years
Of Ranking, sideways to the interests
Of the compound public but sold as a 
Faith that no one can ignore

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