Howdy Foody

Gather up your best cliches: one way trip to 
Kitsch town station, railroaded by google review
To say three stars for the burger fries beer

There was a fly in your zoop and your 
Misspellings give you away: it was 
Actually gin and nachos, fervently 
Delivered by a frazzled gig worker

Riding the prius harder than those
Little batteries can take, lithium by
The ounce and the pound for an 
Structurally unfair representation

Societal malpractice, civic duty by the
Vice Addicts to Potency, according to
The dictates of that one Killdozer album

Weren't they right, Intellectuals are the
Shoeshine Boys for the elite, so eat up
And polish that dinner right off

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