Letter Up

Corresponding variables, A and B are on separate trains;
who will see whose light first if infinite speed can
theoretically take dictation as the speed of a mouth?

That, my friends, is what is meant by ending at the
beginning, where one ought to seek for, 
because why is a silly question when there
is so much what in the world.

Indication: there is disconnection between the
rungs, towels won't be dry after we on a cold
day in shellfish land, whose free food contains 
a political lesson which no one can remember.

Stomach aches, perhaps, from not paying for
value, of course, thus money and nature,
and the way everything is.

But wait, that's what inspired me to write to
you this after noontime day-moment,
to make confusion reign in the land of
unreason and stifle my yawn at the tip
of a pencil.

Thank you for listening, as always, 
I am honored, not humbled, to serve 
as scribe in our perpetual tennis match,
may we never score a point and 
never cease swinging back and forth.

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