Warmup 91922

Oblongevity extrusion from the metal orbicullus
Framed onto the ballast by the ship face cannot handle
Pulled level going lever make heavern facing clever
Repecrition fate won't absurd out the existentull
Cannnnn we see the lion night in the a jungular
Flow of the gravitational green moment
See the birds going in the mural and say:
Titanicle for the mono mania face of sodrod
and capital city of plant uterini can say piano
Where does the couch end and the floor begin
at the shag carpet covered closet and the notebook
textbook mousebook coffeeebook table u rasa
And there could have been another trip but reason
Prevailed on the group to avoid the open and dark 
Door after dawn even when the air's quality is less
Than suspect and here we live in an industrial town
Charading around as a technology university medium 
Government nausea crown and that is how we will 
Mourn, at the news and the literature that says:
Ero -r and a bag of compost smells who was watching
When the morning when afternoon, devide the mountains
And make the spelling go: under, under, over, across
And the control, or and, very much, sealed in the
Coffein that turkestrally flew over a fence to stop
The varmints from taking the garmints and that 
Is all the garden wrote and the warmup warmup
Cold down shower grown sauna piece of human
Ideals that can have its crake and seat the poo, squat
Where you stand and take direction, that's the idea
Of discipline and we might come back to that theme
But only if there is a canine training program that
Must be instituted and then and then and then
What will be instituted but a glib dilettante who
Cannot hold onto the word work job and won't do
So without the true reckoning of numbers against
Food and sleep, so be it, and thus there is a counter
On which culture is diced beyond cubes and turned over
To the simmer pot whose calm cannot belie the heat 
That tears apart the things into their constituents and
Don't forget to mote the dust beams and make light 
Of everything that almost was, warmer, hotter, shower

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