digging a ditch to make a river

stuck a shovel into the sand and it ran over the sides
sixteen feet under the edge and getting somewhere
ground water won't trickle for sixteen more
but my beads are starting to dampen the sides

efficiency is an argument about holes
rivers are alive, though
and a life that exists
means flow toward the ocean

concern for consistency will break any spirit
while the modern human doesn't know how to
put a back into a physical effort
I'll keep touching keys: where actions become words

and the reverse, self-perpetuation, or was it
reproduction that is all we're doing
copy, lorem, and you'll end up ipping the sum
one more site for the water's web

spiders don't have as many eyes as a creek
and I've been trying to make something 
out of the dirt and the rain
unsure if I'm going anywhere

we is a concept that implies a flood
and I don't know what to do with that either
whether it's a boat I'm looking for
or another way to get down to the center of time

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