The Future’s as Deadly as the Past

The problem with the eye 
Is the conspiracy with imagination 
To make the story 
Fit its view 

And if it fails 
Sufficient times 
Looking back 
Becomes the habit 

So if the pupil 
Gets caught in history 
Look upon 
A fresh face 
Possibility down the chronology 

It's dangerous 
To play the timeline game 
The present's gifts 
Demand attention 
And the see-saw itch
Will claw the ears 

Ahead there is the end 
Behind the nothingness 
Being concerned with might 
Will put ankles to sprain 
And needs overextended 

Nostalgia's hemlock is another drowsiness 
Bound to depress 
The wildest tree 

To block out the x axis 
Won't save the above 
So keep your watch 
Last year's journals 
And a light in your touch

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