Modern Objectives

Hand me what fame can be gathered 
From the fruits of my face
Please me with your attentions
As I look hot in this race

Develop my negative to positive
Photographically amusing
Contrary to popular cognitive
Opiation is all for abusing

Move me to the driest place
Ensure that there's not any water
Drown me if I sea chase
Where generational wounds don't cauter

Achievement key results net insult
As bureaucracy eats fairness, late lunch
Politics leads to resentment cults
Systemically conspiratorial hunch

Lying flat antiwork union loving
Won't lead to any membership clout
Reddit-faced shouting not voting
Can only make existential doubt

Watch a garden appreciate bees 
And make a butterfly happy
Hug the forest and friendly trees
Spirits rise in the sappy

Look directly in the eyes
Of your nearest friend
Feel the together highs
And know it all will end

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