Down a Life Trail

When does the future take over the moment:
It's when a seed goes into the ground
There can be no other life but the plant going forth
For that green to be what it is
A tree can be moved
Cut down
Planted elsewhere
All the while 
Being a tree
With very little to figure out
Grow up when it can
Eat when it's thirsty
And soak up the gift from the sky
Maybe it ends up a house
But that's no matter to the tree
Imagining that life knows 
And death does not
Perhaps, though, 
The tree life is only 
A now now now
Without a brain
Is there only the metabolic moment
Water moving and changing
And the rest
Staying in the ring of this year
Is no problem when you are the loop
Even if the second person doesn't work well
For bark and leaves and trunk
Allow the analogy
As an attempt not to identify a nature similarity
But to develop a line of thinking
Otherwise too abstract to consider

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