Mid-Life Iceberg

Just add more salad 
Never made a meal much more exciting
But those are the doctor's orders
Are you fifty too? 
Or does it just feel that way;

I think another vegetable might help
Cucumber is mostly water as well
Don't tell me what to do, you'll say too
For you're giving the orders now
It's power you didn't want and then needed

But your life is so far below the surface
And so heavy that your face is sagging
Yet the way to continue
Might be to continue
Walking a little down the lane lined with trees

Is that heaven?
You bet your life it's not
Sins won't won't make a winner out of you
But they will give you that drug you thought you lost
Bitter freedom and lonely independence
Opiated by time and screen imaginings

Oh, yes, those were other people's dreams
That scattered your mind from creative days
But, and you say it again, but,
Your life could have been yours
If you had left off obsessing about death
And thought in terms of minutes
Rather than decades

Perhaps a few more hours of sleep
Per night
Per day, per dusk
Your dreams would have flourished
In their proper place

And your wakeful time
Might have become
That the beginning
Begged from the middle
Before it felt like the end

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