Meaning Strobe Illumination

Touch the piano keys before you lock the back door
And prevent yourself from using the second person
To instruct yourself

I've always been awful at following my own instruction
Are we not all
Such is the grammar that leads to inflection
A seeing of obvious falls

Autumn demands re-evaluation
But the sun says we're not there yet
What does It mean 
The The of the At
Where is the Why 
In a sea of the lie
Deadly the notion
That sails out to ocean

Can we say that our is better
Than what the eye saw
Hundreds of years ago

A stupid question, put to a podcast
That is meant to take your money
And sell it on to the richest bidder

But I become cynical, cyclical
It comes back to information
To cyclones
To the Natural value of Life

But what about death,
The vampires ask
What we can't have
Looks better than anything else

Say it's a song and send it away
Don't look out wrong
The eyes are a play
And I don't know what the flashing lights
Mean to anyone else who's looking

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