Participation vs. Analysis

All dichotomies come from the egg of at 
Tension whose menbrains watch the un 
Folding with interest to determine exactly 
How to crack while those who get busy 
Getting out make the most of the moment 
Assuming they go without breaking the 
Yoke in the wrong order: leashes can choke 
If you try to get out in the improper way 
But it's always good to go for a walk 
To put your morality out to the meadow 
In hunting or cooking, one can make recipes 
Wander from one ingredient to the next 
Never touching the screen that keeps 
The bugs inside, chase without thinking 
And gain a self's shelf conscious to the 
Book level, spine out and untitled 
Count and don't fit the math to the length 
Because a side also has width that you 
Cannot quite choose

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