Generate Halfishness

always do it halfway 
and then do it again 
it's easier butter 

proverbs are amatuer aesthetics 
pretending to fact 
don't get me started 
the truth won't relax 

under a supposedly invisible wrist 
the ruler says thirteen inches 
a baker's foot 
poured into the fullest cup 

where did the time start 
the left bracket's rights 
were violated by the watcher 
observing dim lights 

meaning is not kind 
as purpose is a fool 
yet wisdom's a bind 
and nature's not cool 

certain is wrong 
while agreement ain't left 
this tankard belongs 
to all the bereft 

ownership funhood 
a game that we wrote 
protected by gunhood 
the losers we smote 

all partial stories 
are false in the end 
but fear the completion 
for life it will rend

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