Poetry Therapy

Silent talking cure
Graphical behavioral certainty
When a word has been chosen 
By motor and mind

The rhymes will obliterate
The tension and time
Writing to see 
What are the thoughts

Judging won't be
Among all these oughts
For speaking with you
And now we are we

It's costless and paper
A mere pencil fee
Go forth and sit
In front of a garden

To tell all our troubles
Multiplicity off 
Road yellow line
Drawn from inside

The internal bind
But going we go
Or was it just me
Deciding to flow
Existing past be

I is a funny word
As odd as to love
But life is absurd
As pushing can shove

Watching and listen
To come where you are
Making up seconds
When firsts lift the bar

Vagueness will fade
Specificity's victim
Retiring the shade
In sunlight dictum

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