Conservation of Change

If everything is transforming
and changing conforming
where to stay and how to live
face that fact of deathly sieve

Fate and will are fairly just
but that's not right as obvious
watch the world under the moon
and see a light go gentle, swoon

Into nights the wisest fight
fading clothes or dying bright
instructions fail to make a help
under water salty kelp

Meaning's music failure heard
doubting hope will faithful gird
sopping words give mountain grit
sitting still makes one shit

Mr. Bounty Fracture Crud
landing crime and heady thuds
judges jury courting fame
social awkward fitful shame

Nap it off and climb out clean
angle softer torture sheen
sounded speaker all inside
plugged up table chairish guide

Zither thither brandy storm
wither dither candy dorm
college crisply falling debt
careering early come abet

Back to switching fraught decide
universal swap and hide
figure out and gather in
securely later gnarly grin

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