the hidden way

if there's a secret to life, it's to keep going
continue, unearth, remoon, gosun,
while the whiling can hear the music,
there is more to be and the not to be
does not matter any more than a 
ruminant nonsense, and we are sensing,
being, doing, making, all the way to the
end of the pitch, yaw, see-saw bubbles,
effervescing at the sight of the sun
working its way through the trees,
no moon in the way,
plenty of earthiness to soil your shoes
and don't cease,
keep on,
gaps or not
subbing or busing
airplanes or bicycles,
just won't neither the nor
grammar means nothing
repetition is acceptable
as long as there is still
short lengths to not measure
but acknowledge, they are there
and continuing, loyally working 
their way through the layers of 
a consciousness that definitions 
will continue to evade, even 
as the metaphors propagate:
keep keeping the root cellar
shut to the metabolic ceasing
and we're not talking about death,
it's a worse fate, it's the not notting
the knot log that won't roll
a river without a mouth or water
so keep hydration at arms length
but no further
and sleep well
but dream of active 
hours in the day and the next

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