Slower Morning

grand designs on the sunrise are interrupted by dances with stars
brightness rules the night and continues at the ripple of first pink
do you wonder with me at the beauty of an imagination
while expressing your coffee consternation at the adjective
wielded poorly, often, as best I can to say what won't come across
under any conditions, warm cold relative absolute mossy tree branches

the meaning kills the message for the ways are but so many
before the breaking faster comes a hummingbird so slow
when things cease to cruise, move still, keep on, order the direction

to continue on its path, whatever the pace, for stopping, laying down,
giving out, these are not options in a loyalty commitment stew
that stirs and stirs breaking down the ingredients as more come in
and you might eat but you'll never finish, as the morning builds its case
to make the day into a chase for the night and the next sunrise 
sure to be diverted by the galaxies next door

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