Music Sun River

Cocktail scrounge for chairs and tables
Mocking loungers' hairy fables
Bearded face on threaded neck
Devil ship without a deck

Paradise was always lost
Milton freed the chilly cost
Found the status that you bled
Leading fear and anger dread

Wishes teaching fate will sow
Cutting thread to hate the know
Cynic steering frozen car
Yet one more sip at the bar

Fam the ish but hunger 'mains
Regarding fish with scaly strains
Quarter note in minor a
B minus gave the anxious play

Who the dog that loves a rat
Catty hills on desert fat 
Judge the life that you won't live
Fudge the ice to colander sieve

Water flows but never falls
When the ocean stifles calls
Phone a fiend to hear your voice
Always given not a choice

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