how it could be

i thought that doctor places you'll go
had a message that was meant to make 
the life that ought to be where and why

reason and causes closely studied 
briefly implied that walking would
get one there on the highway

but experience proved other
wise is as wisdom can forget
because memory and expectations 

are the death of all and the making
of a snowstorm, flurry by flake,
and i had a ball when it was catch

it takes more than two to make
a song and the word for go,
simple verbs are the daily

and what did everyone expect
when the future was laden
and one responsibility 

until the mixture of fate and
driving and running turn into
whatever it does, luck and illness

perfection in the mind of the
wisher that forceful doing
makes great living

and it was all too general,
the doctor motivation high fliers
gives way to evaluative fictions

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