The River Consciousness

A reversal has a satisfying ring to it:
leader peon
faith disbelief
god death
demos king;

When winter drops to summer,
surprises are 
a shock;

Does the system reject
an individual circumspect?

Politics and modern freedom,
the goals established:
love, meaning, value;
reduce, reuse, stop-cycles;

if you’re doing the same things
and expecting results
declarations won’t make independence;

Self and consciousness, a tale as old as 
literature and analysis;
sophists and true philosophers 
party with heretics and the pope
drinking sagacious cocktails
learning how to mope.

When one end of the stick meets the other,
they say, we are opposites, attract, 
via lawful physics,
in fact the real
passes for farce
in a field that dreams
lead to heat on ice,
honor on disgust,
valor on cowardice,
an egg is toast.

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