A Conversation with Time and ‘motion

It's easy to take pictures, assemble them, and see the scrapbook of reality
unfolding its truths and balance sheets, full of morality and credits.
At least according to society’s prevailing winds.

And yet, the flow permits snapshots but it does not abide 
stoppage interpretations: movement and minutes 
conspire to an understanding ongoing, knowledge reserving judgement
to a day that will not finally arrive.

Butterflies know it well, for the wind and weather must be a friend
for death and re-birth to come to brilliance, who make
continuance, reticence, and impulse.

If feeling is the stuff of inclinations and the house of whirls implies
destinations, the work of life, not of a life, is to converse, to be
the back and the forth, gaining nothing by ledges, and everything
by falling and rising.

Edited from the original poem. 

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