Heretical Profession

Major streams hinge on the authority 
Retained by counters of survey majority 
What is good is what is lots 
Everyone everywhere looking for plots 

Accident driving the car and the bus 
Fighting for ladder rungs upward the crus' 
Features are fodder for strengthening spots 
Caloric slumbers in exercise slots 

Juicing the yellow for lemonade stands 
Capital fellow with jarring demands 
Work for the living that goes with the flow 
Gesturing pitiful earnings at snow 

Pile up the cold stuff until you melt 
Rusting the collar you bleached with a belt 
Upwardly docile yuppily worn 
Leisurely classist drinking down scorn 

Careers are forgiving but already fake 
Giving is failing to get on the take 
Ownership culture and entreprenspoor 
Shitting on those whom lucklessness moored

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