Can’t you bury Whales

It's telling, fascination, 
Embedded with body 
The other end of the soul's stick 
Opposed to desire 
Fitful, expire, 

Command nature to relent 
While you repent for being what 
You are 

Beaches expose the earth's flesh 
Upon whose musculature 
The greatest beasts rest 
Out of water, a rise too late, 
Songs extinguished 

As the tiniest swarm the mightiest 
Each of which 
Are unfair adjectives 
For gentle musicians 
And thoughtful groups 

When heard at the right moment 
One is left two carry a self 
Back to the deeper seeing 
Sawn at the outer set 
Timed into final days 
Rotting closer to the nose 
Than morality allows 

A hand that tells the story of a life 
Spent like money 
Hoarded, wasted, interested,
And now in a pile 
With no one around 
To light the funeral fire

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