Not Just Numbers, Green Fervor

Life! Don't you count it.
Growth, but not for measure.
Cytoplasm from the start.
Or was it a synthesis of pictures?

Generous shades, show the sun in.
A ledger of death, don't credit.
Snip the edges to brightness.
Management for another place.

The universe; don't begin there.
See the hedge - be the edge.
Line breaks are hammock food.
Snack! Snicker slack, back to font.

Dot dot flash, lightsing. 
Grip the trip, it's one way.
State! City! Municipals.
Titular removal is a live glow.

Basically, there can be no copies.
For one is its elf and the snow is north.
To be clear, a second cannot happen.
And third is most absurd.

Quiet your fingers: they cannot see numbers.

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