Conceptual Awareness and Emphasis

I mean concept in the absolutely broadest sense of a word - -
pause for ephamitic diffect - - or we can use common speech
to get a point into a shape that it comes across, line by line - -
what you paid your attention to is not all: there is what you
are able to be aware of; can you hear what someone thinks
who feels and faiths entirely different - - don't answer, just
do it -- and once the awareness is born, the truest Chicken
and Egg, emphasis can take hold, rooting under the foundation
to break cement and undo steel, as it must do thus, unless
there is a de-escalation of the Utility: power to elsewhere is
what I mean, for a Con may in Cept, no matter or scheme - - 
fraying thread re-born to organic theme -- you might see and
be and therefore are, no question, on statement no door is ajar.

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