Bee Field

For the hulking designs behind
Buzz fore butterfly havenly
Aside shade for failed descriptions

For the sight-scent-sounded can
Not go through no-matter-how
Many words filed across your eyes

My fingers try to say thus nature
Mr. Nature, Dragonfly mortification,
Alight to the floral daisy stone

'Get busier to be sure you're alive'
Askance shalt receive a freight 
Full of lucid purple whispers

A tack with an orange wing
Screech July by the responsible 
Paid for by the frigid sun

Unwilling to repeat 
The way yore dye 
Became a poison addiction;

Forget that!
See the sculpture in the background
Sip into coffee mugshots

A cartoon from last century
Wired to the future by direct deposit
Taken from the stray check 

Who bounced on the 
Wings of the 
Bountiful hive

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