Air Quality Obsession

Why should I care about the most beautiful sensation beside the heavenly indescribables;
Suck in the facts: must one must breathe to know what I mean,

and so many forget to take that crucial every day every moment
to gather one self who wanted to be multiple into Lungs

that, on the way down, have nose throught feelings, nerve us
to the sound of birdscent, on the wind we are a bouquet together 

of the burst of energetic certainty which accompanies the perfection
only way to see the felt tongue taste of ideal nurture love hazy pink rose daisy

Drunk! take another, drink! forge a horseshoe blade to float on cobblepillows
airy clip clops softly cut across the visual field of dreams that could never happen

at night, for it's by day that you know alive is the place to be totally alive;
complete is as a bird, song lift bone-lighter than airdew, heat's shade makes a home

for every sensation tingle coming across too many stitches to imagine sight;
once again breathe music and you don't have to stop unless you can't or should not

for treatment for the end is no thing, while the freshness is our choice.

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