What is the organizing medium?

To re-converse the present architecture of power, wealth, and means,
such an assembly call that goes beyond a day and night in the streets
must be articulated that holds its own response, a place to take the
action promised by the present day's malaises and direct it in an ethically
reasonable and pragmatically potent way; the bathwater cannot be 

drained and therefore the baby will be preserved in the clichés and in 
reality, there is no starting over and violent revolution is abhorrent by
intuition and the first tenet; wonder then, at the unit: there is the 
family, company, nearby map area, school, government, and 

categorically gravitied internet community, in addition to other
methods that are well-vetted, such as race, class, identity, et cetera;
additional options include: favorite local animal or plant -
which might lead to inter-species cooperation on-behalfed by the
teams of supporters; loved natural phenomena as an organizational

call-to-cooperation, on behalf of snow, the temperature flows of the ocean
or the soils becoming and unbecoming; it will likely not be via words,
or pure math, or academic science, or an individual person, or a myth - 

not that we do not keep trying; the best way to deconstruct a monster is by
bacteria, for nothing is wasted, so there is no solace in alternate agglomerations
of super power; there must be more tests, more attempts, more ways not only
written about but attempted and reflected upon thoughtfully, 

to bring people "together" but not merely in concept, in real operation,
with actual freedom of entry and exit and voice, sufficiently compelling 
to inspire loyalty and debate and reasoning; and these bacteria may not 
directly challenge the leviatha, as that would be folly, for titans are familiar

with penicillin, rather they might unmake the power and legitimacy of 
demigodly nonsensers quietly, with a slow unfolding, as in spring, to
make the world alive again after a strange winter, a bricolage of methods
and heraldings of the days we will earn to deserve.

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