A Path Way Conversant

Where are the lines that we have worked to trace,
how do they intersect,
why do they flow,

such and such and what and which
much and Dutch and cut and switch
fiery reasons all in face
bowing scraping for disgrace

can the even mataphor
tame the bull you caucused for
what did alloparents say
when taken from they children's play

theatrical mono-obsession
makes the work of gen'ral session
united nationality
faithful brands of tacit tea

meditate to get your peace
restituted silent fleece
yet we're here and nonsense there
hypocrisy's authority stare

won't you find a bird with me
to be and see are not for free
pragmatism's mighty throne
picking parcels for a bone

won't we get a little more
progress forward prior shore
who's the father mother cause
that's all you looked for badly clause

simple ain't but nor complex
oedipal de-faustus rex
can we look a little closer
fore we turn into a toaster

ratchet down the vilest glee
at your en'my misery
listen for the sound of life
lead on out of needless strife

caterwauling might be next
when you see what have we hexed
rhythmic wail for mighty roar
sleep enough that ne'er do snore

gather rounder fixture lances
pen and action over dances
call aesthetics as a bluff
fight the urge to spit out guff

mandatory something earned
cooperate on fielding burned.

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