The Institution of Nature

Rules and groups have a way
that sets themselves up against
the rest of the universe:
this is us and you, they,
the else are them.

Civilization is a long word
but don't bother to count 
the syllables that rend your 
purposes and make your peace
into its own mind game.

Alternatives stand in opposition
to sitting and watching the world 
make itself up as a story:
once upon time, space;
characters centered, living, ended.

Your epilogue is not a beginning
for that would be too convenient
just like the sky detailing the
future of your day with the contours
of clouds that won't respond to your breath.

Develop your I into a self, put the sources
onto your shelf, make the courses
speak for your wealth as teaching 
the forces of natural health won't 
distinguish your body from spirit
or soul from the shell.

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