Sameness Difference

Identical grins are picturing nouns
The smile's reflection might make up frowns
Boundary maps have nothing to say
Fencing the places where birds sing and play

Watching the world is a wonderful time
Crashing to earth for the sake of a rhyme
Gravity makes our music run free
As advertisers claim: me me me me

Nothing you ask is a something, a task
Faking the mask fills a theatrical cask
Drunk on the name that you've had for a while
Just an excuse for your teeth that you file

Sharpen the grip of your mouth on the word
Diction is lip that went south to absurd
Stranger than life was a weirdness of speech
Poet philosophers washed away from beach

Oceans between the one and the next
Math was a calling typed out in a sext
Naked desire is not even the half
Crooked the liar who laughs at a calf

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