workplace democracy

some imagine that a vote in the workplace
from someone working
would always be to not work

this is what the owner of the workplace imagines
that these workers 
must be driven (I mean led)

to work and contribute
otherwise they would suck the blood
out of society

haven't you heard
of the state of nature
and the necessary leviathan

these little sea monsters 
must feel they have purpose
in addition to having a piece of paper

that says "you cannot be blamed
but you can collect"
and yet

those are the two words 
that lead to the fact:
people are human

humans are difficult to predict
impossible to comprehend
and willing to help make difficult choices

even when those choices
might make their lives more difficult
because again, humans are not electrons

not hunting paths of least resistance
unless they're read the latest economics papers
which describe how to take best advantage

of everything around you
and reinforce the notion
that we're all in it for ourselves.

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