non-governmental political science (and poems)

Decisions, choices, over another
prepositions apply where power lies
one might deny its existence
but that would be Santa Clause thinking in reverse

therefore, perhaps I won't run off to Vermont
to watch over sheep, gather syrup
perhaps instead, I'll look the world in the face
so to speak

and find a way to explain what I see
some sort of understanding
that can advance
without an asymptote

a bit of intuitive wordplay
poetry, music,
and a bit of close watching
seeing how power plays 

in places where people haven't thought
to consider, this will, it's not exactly freedom
and Rousseau is not to be trusted
neither are the others

not that knowledge is meant to be trusted
but one must trust a little
to survive a while
and while that's not necessarily the goal

wouldn't it be nice
or something like that.

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