Bounded and Not

Upon the word 
a definitional separation
contains a third
schematic interpretation

whereas next to
is a separate place
juxtaposed inside
over boundary trace

sketches are that
no concrete thing
inside old hat
the must of a ring

telephone alarm
says where will you go
as thoughts disarm
chase dreams to and fro

progress is lost
when fates are mixed
a mess further tossed
as solutions are nixed

mapped and defined
it's back to the book
sapped by the m(i)ne
the coal we forsook

feed us in heat
as rays lace our bed
lay down your feet
next to my head

across and along
our preposition place
when could go wrong
with feelings, embrace

humanity stricture
personality tests
how goes the mixture
a cocktail bequest

onward and up
together to sky
festival cup
travelers 'til die

but aren't we dramatic
on fate's loving wings
gravity not static
attention pays, stings

each unto our self
is that how it goes
don't leave on the shelf
the book that we chose.