Hell : Other People :: Mind : Matter

Containment, could that be the best one can hope for?
Maybe, but I'm not counting chickens today;
Rather the sun is coming up and revealing
Blue in the sky, while the clouds are containing
The colors, fly, whereas perception's realities
Morph into shame. Would it be sensible to find
Some other pain? Stretches and strokes of genuine interest
Mired and stoked with fiery unrest: here we are
It appears, seems; fearful scars, farcical dreams.
Why not a group, that's what we want,
Society fictions while history fought.
Figures on stories and character trains
One track and endings, promises maimed.
Undone by wisdom and made of the fool
Shakespeare will torture while Proust is a rule.
Prey and the free from authority rations
Starving not hungry, paradox's passions.