The Greatest Resignation

You put in your notice
Waiting for Godot
You realized winning this game
Partitioning perfectly the frame
Couldn't feed a soul
When the soul is in the brain

Across the universe
In randomness one must trust
Because it cannot lie
Perhaps the only honest criminal
In the panopticon field

Walking away
Is not from anything
Rather it's the thing we're doing
All day
Until we sleep
When we leave our dreams
And wake up

Arise down
Brew coffee
No good expectations
Or evil
Or super

A little invisible
Not opaque
Muddle without shaking
Not exactly calm
To evade striving

Envious of no power
Quite the reverse
Even while quitting
And staying
The sled slides across the ice
The dogs wait patiently

Darkness watches
Throughout the day
Waiting for its moment
And we greet it
As if it never left