Invasive or Desired

Weed gardens carry octopus expectations:
RNA is a construct, a distraction from
the shape of water's love.

Photoemphasis is green focal strength,
up and to the horizon
while absorption greets
the afternoon with blazes. 

In time, let yourself go
across the lawn's last container
a wrecked angle,
an overused scheme,
to keep up jones bones
and bury aesthetic harmony
well below the fold. 

Newspaper post, 
comped by the man,
given to structural analysis;
we became our.

Ownership is a bright night
whose stars can't be seen 
while traffic ensures
reflections pool below.

Natural pivot, burn burn burn,
that's a strategy for the environment,
a katydid dancer with revenge
on the almost brain
whose assuredness 
may mine another copper
while dandelions shed manes
to propagate like the crows.

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