Zen’t Away

Don't call it a tradition;
conservation without conservatism
is so-called natural ritual;
a psych on spirituality
a cynic, here, waiting in lie
to pounce on either or.

Rage season's wild tires
roll and streak and burn
their smoke is bleak and black and blown
across sunblighted skies

The great return our native eve
when there was no thought
that's what indi reddi reps
wish to sell our soles
walk back the years and 
live by fears
these threats are here to spray
none shall live forever (more)
while rampages do prey.

Can it be 
both side-
if I say they're both a crush?

Crashing cans and bans and scans
godly finite thrush:
jump the bird and catch these burrs
or burn it all to dust,
either way it's hell all day
for human conscious thrust.

Torn up sparks, I say no thanks
sagely undivine
value spikes above the axis
cannot dichot mice:
small and fur and 'tween the legs
of the big and stalled
hurry scurry scurrilous 
the law of tiny slice.

Small enough it's out of way
pathing no more tricks
win the game is do not play
rules can't take the slow
out of season all the time
unripe can't be rot.

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