Kafka on the Radio

Another round and a song for the morning
Tuned in to the habit station
AM 630, ten off that Sunday afternoon 
Brain cell soup
Made for ending lives
Earlier than today enables

Ten gods to one
The string theory is a
Literary excuse to talk 
Physics and uncertainty principles:
Bad analogies give Science a
Good name and ruin the reason
Of anyone willing to faith

That's what Nietzsche meant;
Think hard and let your head hit the
Helmet of the next guy
And imagine his cracking
While you ascend 
To the mantle of brilliance and blight

No more life
Is what the fate lover loves
But what about deathly fear;
Semicolon that quesion
Requisition a position
Form filled and bureaucrats paid
It's no trial, no cockroach, no surveyor
And we are proud to publish
Every other word

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